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    Oh, those Christmas letters; they arrive in your mailbox spreading good cheer and BS. Danni Morford's Christmas Letters are different. Danni's humor helped her through her family's long battle with addiction. Year after year, she writes and sends Christmas Letters. She humorously and courageously relays the hard truths about her family's struggles: drug use, arrests, DUIs, treatment centers, and AA meetings.

   As addiction takes a tragically life-changing hold on her family, and she subsequently loses her son Travis to the disease, her strength prevails. The year after her son's death, she bravely writes and sends that letter: "Our family is not ashamed to say Travis died from addiction. In telling Travis's story, we hope that others will learn about the disease of addiction and lives can be saved." 

   Most of Danni's book was written in her closet, which became her safe place to write and sit and wrestle with grief.

   This is a must read all the way around and will help you to understand more about grief, loss, and the prevalent struggle with addiction. Danni has shared her letters as her way to honor her son's life and legacy and to bring awareness to the horrible disease of addiction.

Danni Morford, Author

About the Author

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There are lessons throughout, not just of the utter tragedy of addiction but also the uplifting possibility and downright necessity of recovery for those who are left behind after the illness moves on. Despite her loss, it is hope that her book is all about. I urge you to read it, and you'll agree.  

William C. Moyers; New York Times Best-Selling Author of Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption. Vice President of Public Affairs & Community Relations: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

I just finished reading “Shoot My Ashes From a Cannon” and found it a very powerful read and couldn’t put it down. I’ve known the Morford family for years but Danni’s letters gave me a deeper look into addiction, grief, and a family’s love. Danni’s willingness to be so transparent about the scourge of addiction, impact on the family, and the loss of her son was extremely courageous. Reading about how the Morford family has honored the life of Travis by giving so much back to those struggling with addiction is inspiring.
Thank you Danni for sharing your story. 

Jack Moher

I wanted to write and let you know that I received and read the book “Shoot my Ashes from a Cannon”.  It was a quick, easy and powerful read.  I’m so glad you wrote and published the book and I think it will help many people!  Though I already know most of the story, I was very moved by the power of your writing.  As someone who also needs al-anon, I really appreciated how you pointed the way to recovery and support.  The book left me hopeful for families saddled with addiction issues.  Most powerful were the letters at the end from Travis.  They helped me get to know him more and appreciate his depth and spirit. I never met him so this meant a lot to me! Thank you and your family for being courageous enough to live life the way you do, open and loving and for sharing it all with the rest of us.

Colleen Klingseisen

I got your book this evening when I got home from China and started reading it to relax, OMG I am moved beyond measure! I didn't even get to page one and I was a mess, not in a bad way but in a connection way!!! Someone who honestly can verbalize living with addiction the ups and downs and why we still live with humor and integrity! I have been up for 24 hours but I'm most certain I will not be able to put this book down. Thank you for your raw honesty and your gift to put it in words. I can't wait to share it with my friends and family who have walked in this murky but enlightening path.

Laura Austin-Battle

This was the best book I've ever read @ addiction & family.

Susan Johnson