About Travis

  Our brown-eyed boy fought a long hard fight with addiction. The following two letters were written by Travis' brothers which best describe the brother and son we lost to addiction.

Caleb’s Letter
   After Travis's passing on Sunday I have been looking at many old photos They are so familiar and yet so foreign to me. I always remembered him being the biggest strongest guy in the world. Seeing him as a child broke my heart. Seeing him so small and so sweet and precious was halfway shocking. The shocking part was seeing him small, him being sweet and loving was the common glow he always had. As I proceeded to go through the photos he got bigger and bigger, but never lost his beautiful smile and his curious brown eyes. I looked back at another album of photos where I was very young and couldn't remember, though I wish I could. In these pictures my mom was holding me and he was always there watching me making sure I was alright. He was a fantastic brother, I looked up to him in every way good or bad, not questioning what he did cause he was my big brother and I loved him. He would protect Me, Eric, any friend close or not without even being asked. He's my guardian and he always will be.

Eric’s Letter
   Dear Travis,
   I would like to thank you for the help and encouragement that you gave me in my life at Westlake High and throughout our lives together. You helped me to be strong and showed me the ropes. As a brother, you helped me to stay cool in tight situations, although you were not all of the time. For the most part, you’ve learned from your mistakes, as I have. We still have the rest of our natural lives together. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead of us. Thanks for being there for me.